Venture Capital Group

AJ Okereke
Partner, Venture Capital Group

At GPIC, our mission is to alleviate the most pressing issues in Africa through investment in high quality entrepreneurs and technology. We believe that technology is present in numerous sectors that are essential to the improvement of the standard of living in Africa. With this, our focus is on technology-powering innovation and development in all industries on the continent.

Our focus on the African market gives us the opportunity to invest in multiple economies, with different, but rewarding challenges. Africa is a nascent market that is ripe for investment, as entrepreneurs look to enhance the way to life through operational efficiency and scale.

Our Venture Capital Group identifies sectors of the economy where we see the greatest demand and opportunity for growth, through technological advancement. We conduct extensive and rigorous due diligence, and risk assessment, prior to investing; as well as an evaluation of the potential social impact and benefits of our investments to the communities we serve.