Our Portfolio


Andela is a global talent accelerator that produces world-class remote developers and connects them with top employers. Andela finds the brightest young people in Africa and gives them the training and mentorship needed to thrive as full-time, remote developers for companies around the world. Andela has offices in North America and Africa.


Flutterwave provides technology, infrastructure and services to enable global merchants, payment service providers and Pan African banks accept and process payments on any channel (Web, Mobile, ATM & POS). We help businesses in africa go global by smoothening the exchange of funds in 150+ currencies.

Golden Palm Estates

Golden Palm Real Estate Limited is a commercial and residential real estate developer committed to building and operating world-class real estate assets in Africa. Golden Palm Real Estate owns and manages a number of real estate projects in Ghana. The businesses’ signature project, The Golden Palm Tower in Accra, is scheduled for completion in 2016.

Golden Palm Financial Services

Golden Palm Financial Services operates a growing chain of forex bureaus and transact in USD, EUR, GBP and other major currencies in Ghana.


GoldenEye is West Africa's premier unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and data solutions company. Based in Accra, we serve industrial and commercial markets throughout West Africa, providing UAV data and image collection, technical analysis and advanced image modeling services.


GPI is an investor in mPharma, which is developing an integrated drug monitoring system that connects hospitals, patients, and pharmacies to cloud-based software. By transforming the traditional prescription form into an interactive mobile application, mPharma enables hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to use prescription and OTC medication data to rapidly identify and assess a population of people exposed to a particular medication of interest and to unlock market value from that data. mPharma was recently selected into Microsoft’s Accelerator Program in Tel Aviv.

Rabito Clinic Ltd

We own and operate Rabito Clinics in Tema and Kumasi, and have a call option to acquire additional clinics. Rabito Health Services Limited, is a leading private general healthcare and dermatology services provider in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa. Rabito has 27 branches spread across the country in Ghana and about 300 hundred employees.


Solo is a mobile device company focused on bringing the best consumer experience to affordable phones in emerging markets. GPI is an investor in Solo, which seeks to become the first major smartphone manufacturer in the emerging markets to offer high quality entertainment to consumers. Solo phones have over 20 million songs from local and international artists available for streaming and free download directly from the device. Solo phones launched in Nigeria in November 2013, and the company has plans to expand to South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

Stawi Foods and Fruits Limited

Stawi is an international award winning food-processing company that produces nutritious flour and fortified cereals. 
GPI is an investor in Stawi and is working with the company to scale up operations and expand distribution to West Africa and USA.


Supermart.ng is the leading online grocery and everyday essentials retailer in Nigeria. Customers order groceries and everyday essentials including meat, fruits, vegetables, household items, dairy products, cosmetics, medicines and office supplies online and receive the products in as early as 3 hours after ordering.


Zamsolar is a company dedicated to empowering off-grid Zambia households with affordable, reliable clean energy solutions by selling products such as solar-powered lights and electricity generators.
Zamsolar is building a village-based distribution system that can scale up to empower million of people in Zambia and throughout Africa.